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Welcome to Bard Peripheral Vascular where a tradition of vascular innovation spans decades of focusing on improving the quality of patients lives.

From C. R. Bards first arterial prosthesis developed in 1954, Bard and the division of Bard Peripheral Vascular have demonstrated commitment to innovative medical technology by introducing surgical and interventional devices for peripheral vascular patency, while providing exceptional service and support to surgeons, interventionalists and radiologists.

The first commercially available ePTFE graft (expanded polytetraflouroethylene) was used for AV access, introduced by IMPRA®, Inc. in 1975. ePTFE is used in vascular prosthetic applications like grafts, which are commonly used to surgically bypass diseased arteries or to provide blood access for hemodialysis. ePTFE can also be used to cover stents, is readily accepted by body tissue, pliable, is easily sutured. It has an excellent history as an implant material in many applications.

Since then, an impressive track record of medical device innovations has kept Bard in the forefront of vascular innovations.