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For the past 40 years, ITC has been a world leader in the fields of hemostasis management and point-of-care testing.
Our exclusive focus is to measure more at the point-of-care than anyone else.

Our activity in the scientific community and dedication to superior support provide technical service and training thats second to none. So were there for you, wherever you need us. And thats exactly the point-of-care.

Company Profile
International Technidyne Corporation (ITC), a subsidiary of Thoratec Corporation (NASDQ:THOR) is a world leader in the fields of hemostasis management and point-of-care testing with over 39 years of knowledge and experience. ITC develops, manufactures and markets products in six distinct categories: HEMOCHRON® point-of-care coagulation instruments and reagents; IRMA TRUpoint® Blood Analysis System for blood gas and electrolyte testing; AVOXimeter® provides rapid, accurate oximetry and co-oximetry assessment; skin incision products including tenderfoot®, Tenderlett® and Surgicutt®; Hgb Pro Professional Hemoglobin Testing System®; and the ProTime® Microcoagulation System for prothrombin time patient self-testing and for professional use.

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Hemochron Signature Elite

Hemochron Signature Elite

The Hemochron Signature Elite is a simple, easy-to-use, portable microcoagulation system that can help you standardize point-of-care anticoagulation monitoring and maximize efficiency and compliance across your continuum of care.

• Comprehensive point-of-care coagulation menu standardizes testing and improves efficiencies
• Clot based cuvette technology measures fibrin clot formation providing confidence in results
• Optimized ACT assays allows for monitoring of low and high level heparin applications
• Accelerated ACT+ expedites endpoint, saving time-to result, and allowing patients to go on pump sooner
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