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Microwize Technology has been helping practices and physicians to stay independent since 1997 with billing, scheduling, and electronic health record programs that allow the provider and staff to focus on patient care. These solutions, coupled with our computer services, have proven to increase revenues, reduce costs, and enhance employee productivity. With Microwize's seasoned team of professionals, our implementation success rate exceeds three times the national standard. When would you like to discuss how these solutions can empower your practice?

With skyrocketing expenses and ever decreasing revenues, today's practice needs a partner to count on. When you partner with Microwize, you expect great things to happen. Your patient records become more accessible and accurate. Your practice billing becomes more efficient. As a result, your income and performance increase.

Our integrated solutions provide everything you need to control expenses, increase revenues, and provide better patient care:

Benefits of electronic Medical Billing systems:

● Low-cost system is a great value
● Easy to learn and use
● Local support and training
● HIPAA-compliant
● Choice of clearinghouse
● Advanced appointment scheduler
● Electronic billing and EOB download for Medicare
● Eligibility verification and referral tracking
● Accommodate multi-locations, multi-practices
● Advanced reports and report scheduler
● Easy to add EMR/EHR

Benefits of Electronic Medical Records:

● Eliminate transcription costs
● Eliminate down-coding and increase revenue
● Automatic E&M coding
● Streamline or eliminate paper processes
● Lab results import
● Be ready for insurance audits with complete notes

Microwize has been recognized as a leader in the medical software solutions industry since 1997. Our alliance with technology leaders such as McKesson, whose products include Medisoft, Lytec, and Practice Choice, has allowed us to provide best-of-breed solutions to our clients.

Take Care of Your Medical Practice by using our portfolio of partners:

Remember after all running a practice is running a business. When your cash-flow is low, hiring the wrong person, losing a good employee or using the wrong software are just a few examples or ways to add stress to your life, so make sure you take care of the most essential parts of running a successful business.

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