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Every one served. Everyone satisfied.

Champion’s very first customer said they wanted a chair unlike any other available on the market. They asked for a chair that was:

* Comfortable enough for a good night’s sleep.
* Maneuverable for caregivers.
* Sturdy, and long lasting.
* Complementary to virtually any decor.

We delivered our first product – a medical sleeper chair. Our medical sleeper was the first chair in the industry to satisfy everyone, comfort for the patient, user-friendliness for the caregiver and cost-effectiveness for the treatment center.

Our chair was so well designed that it impressed one of the world’s largest medical distributors, which inspired us to develop our medical treatment recliner for hemodialysis. That chair, too, followed our “Every one served. Everyone satisfied.” philosophy. Combined with a steady stream of customer input and patient feedback, this approach makes our entire family of Medical Recliners, Sleeper Chairs and Caregiver Seating the “benchmark” for the industry.

Welcome to Champion.